Diyas Home specialises in unique portable lighting products and decorative home accessories. With over 400 exciting and unique products it is an extensive collection ranging from elegant Crystal Tea-Light holders to spectacular Aluminium table and oor lamps.

Diyas Home was the first to use ornate decorative crystals in our collection of Aluminium table and oor lamps thus making them more elegant and striking. We are also proud to be the first to offer contemporary alternatives to this concept and the outstanding gloss white finish. An extensive collection of Mosaic and Art Glassware items are also available to add a selection of colour in varying shapes and sizes that will decorate the simplest of areas to become eyecatching. The Infinity range is a very unique collection of clocks, creating a beautiful and individual style to add that special time piece to any room. All the designs are eye catching with both modern and traditional elements to bring a fun and colourful side to watching time tick bye. With some aspects of this range being larger than the average clock they can be classed as wall art and are constructed with a more durable aspect in mind.

The latest ranges of products are made up of signiƒOcant glass cylinders surrounded by artistic metalwork. This concept boasts over 80 items from a small tealight holder to immense table centre pieces or ƒPoor lamps. With a little imagination the products offer a whole scope of possibilities whether they become simple candle holders or a ƒPoral creation. Once again this range enhances the philosophy of Diyas Home to provide unique products with that something extra.

All products from Diyas Home undergo an intensive screening process to ensure the highest quality for everything. Right through to the choice of materials used to make the products and also the way they are packaged to ensure safe transit, so you can be sure that your choice to purchase a Diyas Home product will not be regretted, as neither style nor service is sacrificed.

Framed Crystal Wall Art

The Diyas Home range goes one step further in designing and developing a stunning new collection of Framed Crystal Wall Art. As this concept has been granted an innovative Patent the products are sure to be inspirational. The artwork created is endless and consists of either photographic images or bespoke designs to suit every taste. Hand crafted crystal is a perfect tool to bring life and sparkle to each and every design. While the simplest design and most basic feature has a 3D effect to catch the eye of all admirers. These pieces of art will bring a different dimension to any home, ofƒOce or reception lobby and simply anywhere the imagination allows. Many pieces are created with a target market in mind but the only limit with the products is the mind itself. As the need to create an ever more bespoke setting within our environment increases then so does the ability to supply this product to the market, so let your dreams come to life and enjoy the most creative modern artwork available.

The majority of the surrounding frame is supplied with a matt black finish. They can also come in any Pantone colour to suit each and every taste.
The ability to design and create your own individual design is also available (upon request) and can be specifically registered to your requirements. So if you need to create that special something to brighten any setting, then look no further than this stunning new range to add colour and grace along with stylish lines to bring your eyes and dreams to life. So for that something special to add a touch of elegance and class to any room, look no further than the spectacular collections from Diyas Home....

Selected products from Diyas Home


First Love Framed Crystal Wall Art - IL70505

ARISTA - IL70322


ANTHEA - IL70066

IL70271 IL70270 IL70273 IL70272 IL70275

The infinity range is a very unique range of clocks, creating a beautiful and individual style to any home. All the designs are eye-catching, some with a modern design and some more traditional.


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